'Cool is becoming reliant', showcases an editorial zine, that reminisces and visualises my dissertation subject. My thesis questioned...
"To what extent are sport's brands becoming reliant on famous Black Rappers to become cool"
This subject was incredibly interesting, looking into the social and theoretical structures of 'Cool'. How as a society 'cool' is being involved to have far more of a place, being determined as a must in present generations. 

Front cover  'Cool is becoming reliant'.
The reason why this subject became present in my life is because of my huge interest in fashion and music. Being a fan and seeing content produced from both industries collaborating always made me question why? Why do sport's brands turn to rappers to collaborate; is it their creative abilities, their famous stature or lifestyle? 
What trended through the reason of why they would collaborate was this idea of 'cool'. Rappers have seemed to have mastered the representation of being 'cool', making garments, shoes and accessories automatically 'cool'. Yet the difficulty is that these sports brands now seem to be relying on a rappers presence, history and roots; to be 'cool'. Which can be argued to be ethically and socially incorrect, are they using them for the right or wrong reasons?
Issue 01  'Cool is becoming reliant'.
I have designed this through using maximalism like design, trying to stand out making this editorial as 'cool' as possible. Using theory such as Derek Thompson, Johnson Jr and Noisier, to create a short zine showcasing my findings. 
The body of zine for  'Cool is becoming reliant'.
Following certain constraints of fashion and street design, rationalising and producing a 'cool' book. Following the traits of narcissism, humour and rebel. Deconstructing my case study of Travis Scott and Nike collaboration indicating the key features in the collaboration which makes it 'cool'.

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