'Kala world', is a project winner to the D&AD New Blood briefs set in 2022. A collaboration brief between Editor X (Website building platform) and XL Recordings (Music Studio). They challenged us to create and design an online experience to revive one of four albums. Bringing in new and existing fans to gather and listen to the music again.
One of the four artists caught my eye through nostalgia of my early passion and love for music. This album is Kala by M.I.A an album which took the industry by storm in 2007. A dance anthem which politically challenged life in undeveloped countries. Creating sounds that's submerged in countries such as India, Sri Lanka, Angola, Liberia, Trinidad and Jamaica. 
Kala World celebrates the true meaning and understanding of the creation of Kala. Giving an online experience event through live cameras, connecting the developed world to Kala.                             
Showreel for 'Kala world'.
Music is the story of life and can be personally important to everyone tastes and experiences. Artists tell that story, M.I.A created Kala for that reason of a world beyond yours.  A stepping stone for you to understand a culture, views and lifestyle.
Kala world for me was important to vision M.I.A story and in her words to...
"Bridging between the developed and undeveloped"
Kala world is that connection and bridge to celebrate these worlds. The best bit is it's an event which betters the world, partnering with International rescue committee, raising money for refugees. Linking even more personally to M.I.A's life as a Sri Lankan refugee.
The Brand  'Kala world'.
Kala World works as a digital visual immersive experience which will only happen once but will impact lives forever. The way it works will be through live cameras, a person from the undeveloped country will allow us from the developed
to capture culture, hustle and lives. Projecting the countries set colour in their architecture, shining their colour letting the world know Kala has been here.
Advertisement  'Kala world'.
The Journey  'Kala world'.
User Journey  'Kala world'.

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