'Love Apple x'  is an elaborate sense of critical design. This project felt close to my heart due to personal experiences I have had using apple products one in particularly the Apple Watch.​​​​​​​
'The fitness trainer who's on your wrist'
This statement is taken from a piece of marketing material apple used in hope for sales... Which was the spark to this project.
Story 01: Reem's 10,000 Mile run (Breathe Reem>>>Love Apple x)
When lock down hit it made me want to make a lifestyle change due to the way I saw myself and body. So I was looking for all sorts of methods and devices which would make my experience better and easier to lose weight. The Apple Watch seemed to be that device, the way it was marketed made me instantly feel as if it would really help me...
Story 02: Anita's 900,000 Kilometre Swim (Stand up Anita>>>Love Apple x).
I saw myself using it constantly, I felt naked with out it but what was happening was actually something really unhealthy. Due to me always wearing the watch, I always was looking at how many calories I burnt that day. Yet the watch never knew if you were working, doing University work or just tired. It made me feel like I was never doing enough with it's 'Stand up' and 'Breathe' features, it was condescending. Making me physically and mentally knackered beyond belief. 
Story 03: Sid's 2 year hike (Breathe Sid>>>Love Apple x).
Therefore 'Love Apple x' is a humorous campaign which showcases Apple's watches pushing people beyond their limits physically and mentally.

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